Slip and Fall Injuries

No one is above an embarrassing trip or slip and fall. Sometimes these are merely stumbles from which we brush ourselves off and walk away with little concern other than the possibility that someone may have seen our blooper. Sometimes these trips or slips are no one else’s fault but our own. But all too often, neither of these is the case. Falls in seemingly mundane places can result in serious injury or even death. Falls are also commonly the fault of someone else’s carelessness, rather than the person who fell.

From misplaced manhole covers to collapsing decks or balconies, falls can occur because a property owner has created an unreasonably dangerous condition or failed to correct or warn of such a condition of which they should have been aware. This is the legal standard your case must meet in order to hold accountable the person who owns or controls the property where you fell. This can be a difficult task and is almost always a hotly contested issue in any claim for injuries involving a fall.

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Few attorneys are willing to litigate and try a claim involving a fall. This area of law is referred to as “premises liability.” Drew Gibbs and Scott Crivelli are members of an exceedingly small group of attorneys who have taken premises liability cases to trial or arbitration and won.

If you have been injured due to a fall that was caused by an unreasonably dangerous condition or other negligence, getting just compensation for your injury will be a difficult battle. You need a slingshot to take on the insurance giant you will face.

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