Commercial Vehicles

Recent annual statistics reveal that over 11 million large trucks are currently operating on American highways, resulting in an estimated 433,000 crashes occurred involving 18 wheelers.  4,067 people were killed in crashes involving these trucks. 561 of those fatalities occurred in Texas. Another estimated 116,000 people were injured in crashes involving these trucks, all in just one year.  If you have become one of these statistics, you need the assistance of a board certified personal injury attorney with experience in handling and trying cases involving commercial vehicles.

That’s why the moment you are in a car wreck you must take steps toward protecting yourself.

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A loaded 18 wheeler weighs approximately 25 times as much as a typical passenger vehicle.  Simple physics tells you that this weight difference can have a massive impact on the forces exerted on crash victims and the harms and losses they suffer as a result.  For the transportation companies operating these commercial vehicles, our highways and roads aren’t just their means of getting to and from. Our highways are their place of business, the means by which they derive all of their profit.  The more freight commercial carriers can load on a truck and the more miles they can make that truck drive, the more profit they can make.

For these reasons, commercial vehicles are more highly regulated than typical passenger vehicles and have higher insurance limit requirements at both the state and federal level.  This makes the law governing these cases far more complex than the standard passenger vehicle collision.  It also means the adjusters handling these claims are more experienced and sophisticated than the average injury claims adjuster.  You can be certain that these adjusters are using their skill and expertise to minimize the compensation paid to you and provide the highest level of protection for their insured truck drivers and trucking companies.

Why fight these insurance giants on your own? Why entrust your case to an attorney who has never gone to trial or arbitration against a trucking company?  Drew Gibbs and Scott Crivelli have tried these cases and know how to help you recover fair and just compensation for your injuries.  They have a full understanding of the laws that govern these defendants and know what resources are needed to overcome their defenses, such as preservation of evidence and retention of experts in fields of engineering and fleet management.  If you have been involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle, you should have an attorney on your side that knows the law and the tactics to use them as well as the insurance giants you are up against.

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