Auto Accidents

Getting into a car wreck can be one of the scariest and potentially most devastating events a person can experience. From the moment of impact, an auto accident wreaks havoc on the lives of those impacted.

Many people are seriously and permanently injured by car wrecks and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Emergency room doctors will focus on ruling out the possibility of broken bones and life-threatening internal injuries that require immediate medical attention before releasing car wreck victims.  However, eliminating the possibility of these conditions does not mean you are not seriously hurt.  Many times serious injuries won’t be noticed until days after the collision when adrenaline has settled and the body has had a chance to respond to the physical impact.  Much like a sore back a day after a stressful workout or a long day doing yard work, our bodies respond slowly.

Unfortunately, unlike most gym workouts and yard work, the forces involved in a car wreck, even those involving minor appearing property damage, can be great enough to cause serious injuries to the neck, back, shoulder, knees, wrists and other areas of the body.

Like much of life, it’s not the event that dictates how your life is affected, but how you handle it. In that moment, you need the best personal injury attorney for your case.  Our attorneys are uniquely situated to assist you through these times as our vast experience handling thousands of claims for car wreck victims means we have almost certainly seen issues very much like your own.  And we understand.   We understand that the legal process of being made whole again, physically, financially and emotionally, is a long one.  You will undoubtedly deal with insurance adjusters and companies whose entire business purpose depends on saving and making the insurance company money.  That means you pay for their profit by not being made whole.  But you don’t have to accept that.

Our attorneys have recovered fair and just compensation for thousands of seriously inured people all over Texas.  And it hasn’t been an easy path.  The insurance industry mantra is Deny, Delay and Defend.  They want you to go away and leave you and the doctors who were kind enough to help you holding the bill for the injuries caused by the negligence of others.

That’s why the moment you are in a car wreck you must take steps toward protecting yourself.